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¡mTreatment¡n Hair treating includes Domestic & Professional treating. The best hair treating should own the both.
¡¹Domestic treating - instant treating after every shampoos.
¡¹Professional treating - combine the unique treatment products and professional hair care treatments, in order to make the scalp and the hair being obtained the best care and protection by using the scientific instruments.

No.24 Finishing Conditioner
No.24 Finishing Conditioner
SU094 | 250ml

iconApplication advice:
Suitable for any types of hair. (Long and straight hair and before chemical treatment)

iconPharmacist advice:
The so called ¡§Maintenance¡¨ shall be the instant treating after shampoo.

iconProducts feature:
1. Combine the unique active cationic formula to prevent the tangling and neutralize the static electricity.
2. Increase the moisture of the hair by NMF ( Natural Moisturizing Factor) to present the natural softness and glitter.
3. Weak acidic formula to astringe the cuticle and prevent from the coarse, drought and splits.

Domestic Treatments

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No.24 Finishing Conditioner
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