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ímTreatmentín Hair treating includes Domestic & Professional treating. The best hair treating should own the both.
í╣Domestic treating - instant treating after every shampoos.
í╣Professional treating - combine the unique treatment products and professional hair care treatments, in order to make the scalp and the hair being obtained the best care and protection by using the scientific instruments.

No.18 Revitalizing Treatment
No.18 Revitalizing Treatment
SU088 | 5ml / 50ml

iconApplication advice:
Suitable for extremely dry, split hair end, regular dyeing and damaged.

iconPharmacist advice:
When the hair is under chemical treatment and cause the drought and splits, you should supply the nutrients to strengthen the hair shaft and mend the cuticle.

iconProducts feature:
1. High penetrating nutritious molecules can deeply condition the inner hair Shaft. Restore the hair resilience by abundant protein. Ideal for the fragile type of hair and revitalize the hair.
2. To mend and strengthen the damaged hair shaft under chemical treatment and high heat condition.
3. Suitable for healthy scalp, extremely dry and split hair ends. Damaged hair after chemical treatment.

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