ímMemo for PERMín Survey the scalp & hair condition then choose the proper perm lotion before perm.
The beginner needs to be more cautious and better to ask for the professional hairdresser's advice to learn how to judge the hair condition and choose proper perm lotion. Proper perm lotion not only change the hair style but also enhance the hair & bring luster.

Bio-Tech II
Bio-Tech II
SU175 |

iconSuitable for:
Healthy / Resistant hair without accepting perm more than one year.

iconLotion condition: Liquid

1. Enriched with Amino Acids, Keratin to nourish the hair during perm and prevent splits. It also gives your hair strong curls & body. It balances the hair's moisture level and leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable.
2. Collagen Amino Acids can bind with large amount of water. To restore the vitality of limp hair, helps to enhance the volume and fullness.

iconMain ingredients(0 to 10):
TGA : 10 / L-cysteine : 1.6

Cold Wave Perm

C.A.A. Shining perm (CYS)
C.A.A. Shining perm II
C.A.A. Shining perm III
Bio-Tech II

Shining Perm system (CYS)
Image Perm
No.0 / 1 / 2 Perm Lotion
PREM III (For Normal & Dry Hair)

No.28 pH-Acid Perm
Cold Wave Lotion

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