ímMemo for PERMín Survey the scalp & hair condition then choose the proper perm lotion before perm.
The beginner needs to be more cautious and better to ask for the professional hairdresser's advice to learn how to judge the hair condition and choose proper perm lotion. Proper perm lotion not only change the hair style but also enhance the hair & bring luster.

No.27 Hair Straightener Cream
No.27 Hair Straightener Cream
SU097 |

iconSuitable for:
Curly hair after Iron-perm.
Ideal for people who have curly hair, or natural curly hair to recover the desired straight hair.

iconLotion condition: 1st lotion(cream), 2nd lotion(liquid).

1. Recovery to straight hair after artificial curl.
2. Its unique formula is especially made for all hair types, which can straighten the curly hair smoothly to reach the shiny result. Also long-lasts the straight hair.
3. Abundant keratin, Vitamin E and Licorice to make the straightening process clean and comfortable.

iconMain ingredients(0 to 10):
TGA : 9.6

Thermal Wave Perm

No.27 Hair Straightener Cream
AV Ionic hair straightener cream
I.O (C) Thermal hair permanent wave system
CYS Perm

I.O (L) Thermal hair permanent wave system
Jelly hair permanent wave system

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